While we were in our shopping spree finding interesting items that can be used with our arrangements we saw this unique floral cage. We also purchased the smaller version if this one is too big. I have taken some pictures of what it might look like with one of our beautiful arrangements. The cage does not come with an arrangement but one can be made to your liking to go inside. Send us a message and we can discuss options. The dimensions of this cutie are 18.5” tall and 9.5” wide.We were only able to buy one of each size. So once it is sold we cannot get another. I can send a personalized note if you are sending this as a gift.Thank you for looking! A little about Sola Flowers - Most of our flowers are made from sola wood. This special type of wood comes from the tapioca plant root. The tapioca plant may be processed and used for food. Once the root is cut and peeled, it can be used for food products but the skin cannot be consumed and is discarded. The Sola flower is made from the discarded parts (sola wood), is cut into thin layers, then rolled and formed into flowers. The entire process from beginning to end is done by hand. What a beautiful way to create an eco-friendly floral arrangement from plant products that would otherwise enter landfills! At our shop we take these flowers which come to us raw (unpainted, cream color) and lovingly hand paint them using non-toxic paint. Many of our flowers are created in a two or three step process with layers of color added to give our flowers a truly natural look. As in nature, each of our flowers are unique! These flowers are then hand assembled into natural creations. When handled with care, our flowers can last a lifetime. Because our products are handmade, no two items are ever exactly alike. Slight variations in color, texture and shape are inherent in a handmade item and add a personal touch to all our creations. All our arrangements should be kept away from open flame, do not allow prolonged contact with liquids and are meant for indoor use only.

Large Chicken Wire Plant Cage

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